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Winter 2018

  • Meet Clancy The Therapy Dog with over 400 visits and recipient of the AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished Award!
  • Top 5 Agility Bedlington Terriers Compete at the 12th Annual AKC Agility Invitational!
  • BTCA Health Committee Representative Paul Pruitt attended the Canine Health Foundation National Parent Club Biennial Conference 2017.  Read his summary of the conference.
  • Sparring terriers in the show ring- but never a Bedlington! A View From The Field by Richard Reynolds
  • See a comical photo album of Our Bedlingtons & Their Favorite Toys & Well-Loved Toys!
  • Sandy Miles of Sandon N’ Bedlington Terriers is the 2017 recipient of the BTCA Constance M. Willemsen Breed Betterment Award! Congratulations to Sandy!

Fall 2017

  • Reflections of Magic – A Tribute To Lacie Thrall
  • First Trick Dog Title is Awarded – A Bedlington First!
  • What Does It Take To Earn A Trick Dog Title?
  • Unconditional Love From A Lamb On A Leash – Sparky Retires As A Therapy Dog
  • PawPrints Shares Scrapbook Photos of Rowanoak Bedlingtons
  • Bedlington Terrier Grooming Diagram by Sandy Miles

Summer 2017

  • AKC’s Newest Sport – Nose Work and Another Bedlington First!
  • Results and Judge’s Critique from the BTCA National Specialty 2017
  • Special Seniors! – by Lucy Heyman
  • A View From The Field – By Richard Reynolds – Discussing the Bedlington Bite
  • AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award 2017 Goes To Foley Harper!

Spring 2017

  • Rescue Revisited  – Zelda and Odie have found their forever homes with the help of BTCA-HEART
  • The Top Bedlington Terriers in Performance & Companion Events for 2016 have been named!
  • How To Plan For The Unexpected: Wills and Estate Planning by Ginger King
  • Meet The Breeds Events draw in huge crowds thanks to our Public Education Committee!
  • In Memory of Styler by Hessel Zegal
  • Read about the history of the Edwin Megargee medallion designed for the Bedlington Terrier Club of America

Winter 2016

  • Performance Cover time:  see a collage of Bedlington Terrier performance dogs
  • Dogs on the Run:  Top Bedlingtons in Performance and Companion events
  • National Championship in Orlando:  meet the Bedlingtons competing
  • From the Christmas 1980 issue of Tassels and Tales:  Sally DeKold’s article about competing in obedience with Mr. Blue
  • Learning about PAL, the Purebred Alternative Listing
  • The history of cigarette cards and collecting Bedlington Terrier cards

Fall 2016

  • Why We Do What We Do – A Message from the Bedlington Terrier Club of America President Dennis Corash
  • Have You Tried Barn Hunt Yet? Something Different and Fun!  Come along and learn the basic principles
  • The First Bedlington Terrier to Earn a Barn Hunt Title Goes to…congratulations
  • 2013 RESULTS and PHOTOS from the Bedlington Terrier Club of America National Specialty Show in Louisville, KY
  • Paw Prints features Two Foggyfurze Bedlington Terriers
  • Where Are They Now? “Becoming Izzified” The Latest HEART Rescue Story
  • Congratulations to the 2012 Bedlington Terrier Club of America  Annual Award winners

Summer 2016

  • On the Cover:  2015 Montgomery County Kennel Club National Specialty winner
  • AKC judge Richard Reynolds and taking Bedlington performance to the next level
  • A message from BTCA president Dennis Corash
  • In memory of Marjorie Hanson, longtime Bedlington Terrier Club of America member
  • Archival article by Gene McGuire:  “The loving & Care of the Older Bedlington”
  • AKC Meet the Breeds booth during Westminster week:  A recipe for a great day

Spring 2016

  • Goetz & Vogue:  Come and meet the #1 Bedlington Terriers dogs for the year 2015
  • Happy 90th birthday to Bedlington Terrier Club of America member Ken Bounden
  • Dogs on the Run:  read about the top performance and companion Bedlingtons for 2015
  • The wonderful work done by Sadie the Therapy Bedlington Terrier:  “I know! A Sheepdog”
  • Bedlington Terrier Collectibles:  come and see some of the fun pieces from BTCA member Sandy Miles’ collection
  • Once Upon a Train by Hillys Lewis:  learn about the British author, and Bedlington owner, Craigie Aitchison

Fall 2015

  • On the Cover:  Come and Meet MACH2 Ch Chelsea’s Rootbeer Float, RE MXG MJC MJP XF ME
  • Dog on the Run:  Top Bedlington Terriers in agility competition once again head to Florida
  • Results from the Montgomery County Kennel Club show held on Sunday, October 4th, 2015
  • 2013 RESULTS and PHOTOS from the BTCA National Specialty Show in Louisville, KY
  • “Where have all the Flowers (Ethics) Gone” article by BTCA member Mary Lou Stumpff
  • Hats Around the Ring:  photographs of the unique hats worn by exhibitors and attendees at the 2015 Morris & Essex Dog Show

Fall 2014

  • Cover: Best of Breed at the WORLD DOG SHOW 2014 CH ASHCROFT WEDDING SINGER – When Ashcroft Talking ‘Bout My Girl crashed Renee Ross’ wedding week to be bred to GCH Kaylynn’s Party Crasher, Singer was the result.  This American and Swedish Champion is owned and handled by BTCA international member Ninna Odehag of Sweden.  Breeder: Diane Pearson
  • Bedlington TEAM Wins Best in Show at all terrier show in Southern California.
  • Overlooking Cow Hocked Rears by Laurie Friesen: reprinted from AKC Gazette Breed Column November 2013
  • National Floating Specialty Results from Houston: Judge Mr. Edd Bivin picks GCH Wrightwyn’s Power Play ‘Rion’ as Best of Breed. Owner/Handler: Sandra Bethea. Breeder: Brent Wright
  • Paw Prints: features Ch Gemar’s Lord Jeffery photos from 1965
  • Charles H Prager: Top Bedlington Terrier Handler by Brent Wright: A look back to the a successful and colorful career that began in the 1950’s.

Summer 2014

  • Cover: GCH First Class Willow Wind The Phoenix BOB BTCA National Specialty 2014. Judge Frank Washabaugh, pictures and results from Louisville, KY
  • Dogs On The Run: History Maker Ch Galaxy-Victoria Full Speed Ahead
    -the only Bedlington to earn High In Trial in Obedience
  • Toxic Plants: Plants that could be dangerous to your pet
  • Grooming Diagram: Sandy Miles’ helpful grooming chart
  • Fun In The Sun: Valentine’s Day in Coronado CA celebrated with a Bedlington walk
  • Bedlington Terrier Club of the West regional specialty show results
  • Heartlee To The Rescue: H.E.A.R.T. fundraiser is a great success
  • Thank you Alan Willemsen: generous donation of multiple Austrian bronzes from Connie Willemsen’s collection

Spring 2014

  • On the cover is the #1 Bedlington Terrier: GCH Wrightwyn’s Power Play, “Rion” and the #1 Bedlington Terrier Bitch: GCH Sandon N’ Oakhill Jazzy’s Top Secret, “Jazzy
  • Dogs on the Run: THE TOP BEDLINGTONS in Companion and Performance Events 2013
  • New Titles: November 2013 – January 2014
  • “Remembering the Neary’s” A Conversation with Honey Nashman
  • Westminster Kennel Club 2014 Results
  • Paw Prints: Baron Conrad and the Inception of Rowanoaks Kennel by Ray Herman
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid App

Winter 2013

  • Tassels & Tales Performance Issue! featuring Performance and Companion Event competitors
  • Cover: MACH 8 Meadowsweet’s Wish Upon A Star CDX, RN, MXS3, MXF, T2B2
  • AKC and AKC Reunites have delivered their first Pet Disaster Relief Trailer
  • AKC Agility Invitational 2013: The Bedlington was represented by owner Sandy Martin and her dogs Rudy and Ollie!
  • Health & Wellness: American Kennel Club/Canine Health Foundation Conference Update
  • AKC/Eukanuba National Championship 2013: Show results
  • Paw Prints: Photos from Constance M Willemsen and Rowanoaks Kennels

Fall 2013

  • The Urban Urbanite: Meet Charlie And His Bedlington, Finn
  • 2013 BTCA National Floating Specialty Show RESULTS AND PHOTOS from Greeley, CO
  • The Bedlington Terrier Club of Greater Denver Regional Specialty Show RESULTS and PHOTOS!
  • Where Are They Now? Kayla Holliday Writes About Her HEART Rescue Named Archer
  • The USDA/APHIS Has New Regulations and It’s Bad News for Breeders
  • It’s Raffle Time! Send in Your Tickets Before It Is Too Late!
  • Paw Prints Features Four Dogs from the Past
  • The Amazing Team of Anaclare Evans and Dewey Overcome Challenges on the Agility Course
  • PHOTOS and RESULTS from the Bedlington Terrier Club of the West Regional Specialty Show 2013

Summer 2013

  • Why We Do What We Do – A Message from the BTCA President
  • Have You Tried Barn Hunt Yet? Something Different and Fun!
  • The First Bedlington Terrier to Earn a Barn Hunt Title Goes to…
  • 2013 RESULTS and PHOTOSfrom the BTCA National Specialty Show in Louisville, KY
  • Paw Prints features Two Foggyfurze Bedlington Terriers
  • Where Are They Now? “Becoming Izzified” The Latest HEART Rescue Story
  • 2012 BTCA  Annual Awards

Spring 2013

  • Top Conformation Bedlingtons: Syrah and Rion
  • You ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog:  article from the AKC
  • The Bedlington Terrier:  From the 1921 book “Terriers”
  • 2012 Top Bedlingtons in companion and performance events
  • PAW PRINTS:  Come meet champion dogs of the past
  • New AKC Lifetime Achievement Titles
  • Where Are They Now: Lambie, Mollie and Me a rescue tale

Winter 2012

  • Constance M Willemsen Breed Betterment Award 2012 Recipient, Margaret Phillips
  • They Are Off And Running! Top 5 Agility Bedlingtons attend the AKC Agility Invitational
  • What’s a Barn Hunt? Find on page 15
  • Bedlington Terrier Club of America National Floating Specialty 2012 Results
  • Bedlington Terrier Junior Handler Wins Future Farmers of America Grant! Congratulations Morgan Miller!
  • PawPrints: Ch. Rock Ridge Meteor, Ch. Draherin Blue Audante, Eng. Ch. Stanolly Super Star
  • Therefore, It Must Be Copper Toxicosis: How A  Little Bedlington Terrier Was Miss Diagnosed

Fall 2012

  • Performance and Companion event enthusiasts and their Bedlington Terriers are showcased in this issue of Tassels & Tales! Bedlingtons can do it all!
  • Scandinavian Bedlington Terrier Club Specialty Show 2012 written by Swedish BTCA member Malin Eriksson.
  • Carl N. Roth and Anthony Neary exchange letters in The Bulletin. What was on their minds back in 1968?
  • Bedlington Terrier Club of Greater Denver Specialty 2012 results. And the winners are…
  • Wooly Warriors! Bedlington Terriers love Lure Coursing. Just ask Pat Bennett!
  • The Constance M Willemsen Breed Betterment Award has been reinstated, revised, and renewed by the BTCA!
  • Crafty Canines II are back! The next generation is as typey as the first!

Summer 2012

  • Remembering Hunter: A Bedlington With Many Talents
  • 1st AKC Titled Bedlington Terrier Therapy Dog goes to… Debbie Miller and her Bedlington Ricky!
  • Bedlington Terrier Club of America National Specialty Show 2012 Photos and Results
  • The Bedlington Angulation Issue by the late Ian Phillips
  • Where Are They Now? BTCA-HEART Rescues
  • AKC Good Sportsmanship Award Winner: Jay Presser
  • From The Archives – Winter 1970. Notable Bedlingtons Owned by E.W. March

Spring 2012

  • The Bedlington Terrier in the Show Ring Teaching judges about our breed
  • Start your Engines & Rev It Up Information about the 2012 BTCA floating specialty in North Carolina
  • Col. P.V.G. Mitchell and the Rowanoaks Kennels Read and learn about Connie Willemsen and her father, Colonel Mitchell, of Rowanoaks Kennel
  • Lucky Dog, Lucky Me The story of Basil, a Bedlington Terrier rescue dog

Winter, 2011

  • The Bedlington Terrier’s Vocation by Richard Reynolds
    “Friday nights will often find him in the alleys of New York City hunting wild rats with teriers of all breeds and sizes”
  • The Lost Angels Program is introduced by the BTCA Historical Committee
  • Even Your Couch Potato Can Be an Agility Prospect
    Guidelines for getting starting with your Bedlington in agility
  • Bedlingtons Love to Chase Lure Coursing in Great Britain and the United States
  • Bedlington Terrier Icon of Distinction Welcomes World Class Dog Travelers Aboard the S.S. America in 1940 complete with many images from the past

Fall, 2011

  • BTCA Floating Specialty 2011  Results and beautiful photographs of a great weekend in Long Beach, California
  • The Bedlington Terrier Club of Greater Denver specialty show weekend with results and photographs
    Lots of photographs of a great specialty weekend with results from the specialty show
  • Master Earthdog Title:  Learn about BTCA Karen Miller’s dog Savanna and how she earned her Master Earth Dog title
  • 2011 World Dog Show  BTCA member Linda Freeman takes us along on her trip to Paris, France, for the 2011 World Dog Show

Summer, 2011

  • Lure Coursing 101 Learn about the sport of lure coursing and the new AKC titles from BTCA member Pat Mills
  • BTCA National Specialty Judges Critique Read judge Jackie Fogel’s comments about the entry of dogs she judged during our 2011 Nations Specialty in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Needle Felting by Gerry of Gourmet Felted Learn about the art of needle felting through the eyes of artist Gerry Santos
  • BTCA National Specialty 2011 View photographs of the national specialty in Louisville, Kentucky, in March 2011

Spring, 2011

  • Last Call for Participants Copper Toxicosis gene discovery research project in partnership with the Canine Health Foundation
  • All Aboard for the 2011 BTCA Floating Specialty weekend in Long Beach, California, hosted by the Bedlington Terrier Club of the West
  • Bedlington Terrier Club of America Annual Awards Congratulations to all the winners.

Winter, 2010

  • 2010 BTCA National Specialty Critique by Judge Christine Erickson  Read Christine’s comments about our entry as a whole and her thoughts on the winning dogs she chose.
  • Bedlington Terrier Club of Greater Denver Specialty Show:  Highlights, winners, and candid photos
  • Lambs Find Forever Homes  Special Bedlington Terrier rescue stories with happy endings
  • Earning a UDX Title  The road to this coveted obedience title

Fall, 2010

  • Like Mother Like Son? Another Bedlington First in Performance
  • AKC announces the First Grand Champion Bedlington Terrier! Find out how your Champion can become a Grand Champion.
  • Lambs Find Forever Homes.  Read about six Bedlingtons who found their “Forever Homes” and how they are doing today.
  • Does Your Dog Smell? Tracking 101 by Pat Mills. An introduction to AKC Tracking events.

Summer, 2010

  • Seminars! Parties! Grooming! Showing! The results and photos of the 2010 National Floating Specialty, Louisville, KY are in this issue!
  • A Special Circumstance written by Isabel Ganz. A touching article about members helping members during a time of need.
  • BTCA Junior Morgan Miller, writes about her experiences at the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Junior Sportsmanship competition. Morgan qualified with her Bedlington Terrier, Roadie.
  • The Arizona Bedlington Convention meets once again. What’s that you ask? Find out on page 22.
  • The Bedlington Terrier Agility/Obedience Entries at the BTCA National Floating Specialty have taken over the centerfold of Tassels & Tales!
  • Winston was rescued by BTCA-HEART.  Read his story and find out how he is doing today.
  • The AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award goes to… find out on page 47!

Spring, 2010

  • Top 2009 Bedlington Terrier Dog and Top 2009 Bedlington Terrier Bitch share the cover of Tassels & Tales!
  • Results for the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and photos accompany features on Marcia St. Lifer, for whom the show was dedicated, and Martha McVay, honored guest.
  • Top 2009 BTCA Annual Award Winners Announced!
  • Dogs On The Run features Top 2009 Bedlingtons for Earthdog, Rally, Obedience, and Agility.
  • It’s been a cold winter for many of our members and their Bedlingtons.  Valentines Day love in the BackYard Champions Pet Pages!
  • Henri, Gabriel, and Ely…read about three very special Bedlingtons who were given a second chance and forever homes.
  • Tales From The Past features an article from “The Dog World Annual”, est. 1937.

Winter, 2009

  • The Top 5 Bedlington Terriers head to Long Beach, CA for the 4th Annual AKC Invitational Agility Championship. Find out who made the Top 5 and what advice they have for those starting out in Agility competition.
  • Halloween and Holidays!  Check out the BackYard Champions Pet Pages!
  • Meet The Breeds event in New York City BTCA Public Education Chairperson, Karen Weldon, shares her experiences at the first AKC event.
  • LuLu is a special rescue Bedlington. Read about the new life she shares with her rescue owner, Etta.
  • Let’s Learn About Bedlingtons at the Louisville seminars.  Details of the seminars offered during the 2010 National Floating Specialty in Louisville, KY will surely get you excited about coming to the shows!
  • Homecooking Your Way To Health – Dusty’s Story.  BTCA member, Randi Neill, shares her success story and how homecooking made Dusty a healthier Bedlington

Fall, 2009

  • Regional Specialties: The Bedlington Terrier Club of Greater Chicago Regional Specialty, the Bedlington Terrier Club of the West Regional Specialty, and the BTCA National Floating Specialty took place in June and July. Check out all the action!
  • Looking for some grooming products? Linda Freeman has some recommendations.
  • Two Bedlingtons and their owners participate at TOPS. Read about their recent accomplishments in the Dogs On The Run column by Jeri Bernard.
  • Meet Jon, 2009 AKC ACE Award Nominee. Read about Jon and his owner, Jennifer Eaton, and what makes this team so special.
  • Rescued Bedlingtons! Acting HEART Rescue Coordinator, Lisa Clarkson, shares success stories on recent rescued Bedlingtons and how they found their forever homes.

Summer, 2009

  • National Specialty Louisville See the winners and other photos and read Judge Marjorie Hanson’s critique.
  • You Gotta Love Those Bedlingtons!  Find out how a Bedlington brought a father and daughter together after 40 years apart.
  • Meet Quincey the first UKC Bedlington All-Star!
  • The BTCA History Committee needs your help!  Help identify photos, articles, and pieces of history from scrapbooks given to the BTCA History Committee.
  • What’s in a name? Read why it is important to include suffix titles earned in AKC Performance and Companion Events when reporting a dog’s name and who is leading the charge!

Spring, 2009

  • 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show  Enjoy seeing photos of the competition and read the results of the judging
  • Finding a Forever Home  Read the story of two Bedlington rescues as told by former BTCA rescue chair Judy Schaumburg
  • Home Cooking for Dusty  Read BTCA member Randi Neal’s experiences of home cooking for her Bedlington Dusty
  • AKC/Eukanuba Honored Guest Read about a special Bedlington fancier who was an honored guest at the 2009 Eukanuba competition

Winter, 2008

  • Give Thanks to Bedlingtons and for a great National Floating Specialty Show 2008 in Columbus, Ohio! See the photos from around the ring and the advertisments fromthe winners!
  • Top 5 Agility Bedlingtons participate in the 3rd Annual AKC Agility Invitational. Read about the Top 5 and their owners
  • At Long Last A Bedlington! New BTCA member, Margot Einstein, shares her touching story of fially getting a Bedlington after wanting one for 50 years!
  • Meet Quincy, a very Versatile Bedlington!! Who knew one little dog could accomplish so much?
  • The BTCA History Committee needs your help! See how you can contribute and preserve the history of our breed

Fall, 2008

  • What have our Bedlingtons been up to lately? Enjoying the summer, of course! Check out the fun photos in the BackYard Champions Pet Pages.
  • Around the World with BTCA Members! Several BTCA members participated in the World Dog Show in Stockholm, Sweden. Read about the show and their experiences and see photos taken during the competition. Written by Linda Freeman.
    And after a trip to Sweden, it is on to England with Mary Lou Stumpff who shares her experiences of importing an English bred Bedlington and exporting her own American bred Bedlington with English Bedlington breeder, Billie Fisher.
    If you missed the latest AKC Gazette article, you will find it on page 35. The title, Our Imports – Impact and Influences, discusses the importance of importing Bedlingtons from all over the world with several BTCA breeders and the influence it had on their breeding program. Written by AKC Gazette Columnist, Lucy Heyman.
  • Performance Bedlingtons take over the cover of Tassels & Tales! Find out what some of our great Performance Bedlingtons and their owners have been up to this past year.
  • Bedlington Movement & Structure Springy movement is unique to the Bedlington Terrier  – understanding structure lends to understanding how our dogs get their spring.

Summer, 2008

  • New Performance Title Protocols Find out about the new Performace Title Protocols for 2008 and don’t miss your chance at a well deserved award.
  • Where DO our dogs originate from? Shirley Davies from Scotland, UK shares her ideas and photographs.
  • This Story Needs Sharing… Read about a very determined bedlington named Luna and her devoted owners, Chris and Graham Brew.
  • Judges Critique from Louisville If you missed going to Louisville for the 2008 BTCA National Specialty, you can read the Judges Critique, peruse the 2007 Annual Award Winners, and enjoy the numerous photos of BTCA members and their dogs
  • Bedlington Movement & Structure Springy movement is unique to the Bedlington Terrier  – understanding structure lends to understanding how our dogs get their spring.

Spring, 2008

  • Welcome New Board Members Diane Pearson and Pat Mills take office in March. Find out what they hope to bring to the BTCA.
  • Who’s Wishing Who A Happy Birthday?!
  • A fond Farewell To Junior Showmanship BTCA member Gaby Gilbeau reminisces on her years in Junior Showmanship and encourages others to get involved.
  • Remembering BTCA Member Janet Meyer The legacy of BTCA member Janet Meyer and Tenaj Bedlingtons is remembered by friend Vicki Petris.
  • Do You Love Your Dog More Than Your Breed? Dess June’s poignant article on the consequences of breeding dogs to suit the whims of judges results in no one truly winning.

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