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About the Bedlington Terrier Club of America as written by Ron Menaker

The Bedlington Terrier Club of America became a member club of the AKC in 1936. In 1886 the first Bedlington Terrier was entered into AKC’s stud book.

Whelped on May 13, 1884, this dark blue by Quayside Lad ex Jean named Ananian owned by W.S. Jackson of Toronto, Canada and bred by J. Hall of England, had won first at Crystal Palace in 1885. At that time only 26 breeds were recognized by the AKC opposed to the 140 breeds recognized today.

Based on available registration statistics from 1945 to the present, the breed was most popular in the 1960‘s. Registrations peaked in 1965 with 816 dogs registered and 1993 saw the least dogs registered at 197.

Three former delegates have served as AKC directors. William A. Rockefeller, delegate from 1950-1973, sat on the Board from 1958-1972. The delegate from 1974-1988, Adolph F. Kunca, was a director from 1970-1978. Ronald H. Menaker, delegate from 1988-1992 (who now represents the Des Moines Obedience Training Club), was appointed to the Board in May of 1996.