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Available Puppies and Adult Dogs

Week of February 11, 2018, Bedlington Terriers for Sale

Disclaimer: The listed breeders are current members in good standing of The Bedlington Terrier Club of America. Under no circumstances does the Bedlington Terrier Club of America, Inc. guarantee the services of said members.


Moonyaka Kennels

Born: September 11, 2017

1 blue female

Sire: Lambert
Dam:  Lamb Chop

Ben Ross

Email: benross28@comcast.net


Born: September 23, 2017

2 liver females

1 blue male

Sire: Kinterra Ernesto Che Guevara
Dam:  GCH Jacobine Von Münchhausen

Kira Pankratova

Email:  kira_buba@mail.ru

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Fantasia Kennels


Born: December 27, 2017

1 blue female

1 blue male

Sire: Fantasia’s Handsome Harrison Ford 1-1
Dam:  Fantasia’s Magic Mesmeralda 1-1

Tracy Peltz-Wyszynski

Email:  fantasiakennels7@aol.com

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Born: February 1, 2018

4 blue females

5 blue males

1 liver male

Sire: GCHS Patchwork’s Built to Last 1-1
Dam:  Patchwork’s Watch The Powder Fly 1-1

Nancy Sheets

Email:  nancy.sheets@att.net

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